Las Vegas Video Game Repair

Disc Repair

Video games and DVDís are expensive.† So we offer a service that repairs games discs, CDís, and DVDís.† Most repair companies sand off a layer of the disc limiting the number of repairs that can be done.† We use a patented technology that reshapes the disc to itís original format without the scratches and smudges.† We can repair 90% of discs.† We cannot repair cracked discs.† The repair prices are:

DVD or CD = $4

Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Blu Ray = $7

Xbox, PS2, HD-DVD = $5

We offer discounts for 10 or more discs.

You can mail them to us or drop them off at our office in Las Vegas.† If you mail them we will not charge you return shipping.


826 E. Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89104

To contact us:

Phone: 702.638.1235